2011 Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala Volunteers and Stories

Thank you to the Following Delta Zeta Alumnae, Collegiates, and DZ Friends and Family who worked over 600 hours for this year’s Gala!

Delta Zeta Twin Cities Alumnae
Kassara Kneeland
Lesley Farnham
Danielle Juskiewicz
Kate Brummer
DJ Dahl
Deb Meagher
Julie McKinney
Barb Brotherton
Stephanie Erickson
Grace Bartholet
Sue Feuerherm
Yee Ling Mui
Kristen Kalinowski
Holly Thompson
Rhonda Roe
Shelley Monitor
Brittany Haney
Paula McQuillen
Stephanie Selb
Chris Kern

Delta Zeta Collegiates (Theta Mu Chapter)
Kelly Molloy
Kay Kilpatrick
Brittany Makal

Friends and Family of DZs
Mary Monitor
Jan Hanson
Jen Perovich
Julie Speiker
Scott Maasch
Pat Podoll
Deanna Licater
Lesley’s 2 Children
A Friend of Grace

Here are some personal stories from our women in the field:

My most memorable moment was when I was in the celebrity lounge the day of the gala, and I was watching the celebrities come up into the lounge.  Well I saw Garth Brooks, and was totally in awe.  I grew up listening to Garth Brooks with my father, so to see him in person was a really humbling experience. – Kassara (Celebrity Handler/House Party Hostess)

I just loved having the opportunity to do this. I loved everything about it! I can’t wait till next year to do it all over again. My highlight was meeting Mr. Austin himself and him thanking us for what we have done. I loved being with DZ sisters (most I didn’t know until now) and spending time with getting to know them! – Kay (Celebrity Handler)

I got to sit at the table with Michelle Lau and watch Garth Brooks perform. Michelle also gave me her second VIP wristband to attend the very private after party with her!!! – Kate (Driver)

The more I put in, the more I got out. I got to come back on Sunday because I worked hard! It was fantastic!!! I would love to help every upcoming year! – Brittany M. (Gala Setup/Gala Silent Auction)

Great opportunity to volunteer time to a worthy cause.  Impressed by people's compassion for others and to have an impact on others through gifts of resources, time and talent.  I enjoyed listening to the comments from people who participated on missions and how they felt about improving the lives of others.  Very positive experience. – Mary (Gala Silent Auction/Winner Notification/Hearing Angel)

I was a celebrity handler for former NASA astronaut & first Starkey honoree Scott Carpenter and his wife Patty.  They were amazingly nice and very appreciative people.  Scott is 86 and in the last 10 years has only missed 1 of the Galas. Throughout the weekend I did make sure to share with everyone that I was a DZ and volunteering my time through them for the gala.  Everyone was amazed that we did all this work. – Lesley (Celebrity Handler)

It is an honor and a privilege to volunteer at the Starkey Gala each year.  I feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself.  I am helping to touch the lives of thousands of people I will never meet.  I really like what Bill Austin said on Sunday night.  When we help these people, we are giving them hope and more importantly, we're showing them that they are valuable.  Wow!  I hope that someday I can do more, but for now I know I'm contributing a small amount to something very LARGE! – Rhonda (Gala Setup/DZ Guest)

The best part for me was hanging out with my friends in TCA and making some new ones with the collegiates or other alumnae. Even if we weren't always in perpetual motion, I think what we did was valued. It is great that we are located nearby a Delta Zeta National Philanthropy and can contribute in such a big way. – Shelley (Gala setup/Gala Silent Auction, Ballroom Recorder)

I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity to help out for the Gala.  It's for such a great cause.  I thought the Gala was a great event, so much support and generosity from the guests and dressing up wasn't half bad!  It's great to know that Delta Zeta is helping to make a difference, even if it's a small one.  It was also nice to meet other Delta Zetas and work side by side with them.  What a great way to experience one of our national philanthropies and sisterhood! – Brittany H. (Gala Setup/Gala Silent Auction/Winner Notification/Hearing Angel)

Besides working with my amazing Delta Zeta sisters, it was great to meet and work with other volunteers from Starkey.  I know they appreciate all the dedicated hours that we give them. – Paula (Gala Setup/DZ Guest)

I was a door greeter and got to open doors for many of the guests. They were all nice and many of them thanked me repeatedly as they went in and out. Especially when I was downstairs, they were very appreciative to have someone to open the door when their hands were full with food and beverages. A couple of the ladies wanted to bring me home with them! – DJ (House Party Hostess)

It was exciting to meet some of the national DZ officers - Chris, Tycene, and Chris. They were all so nice. I would have loved to have had more time to chat with them, but I had doors to open. :-)  I've done this for several years and was disappointed that family obligations kept me from doing more this year because this is one of my favorite volunteer events every year.  I can't wait until next year! – DJ (House Party Hostess)

It was my first year helping out and I enjoyed myself! Primarily, I enjoyed meeting new sisters -- Tycene, Chris and Ruth. I also appreciated the opportunity spent with my fellow sisters in the Twin Cities. The highlight of the house party was D.J. and my star studded photo opportunity with Kevin Coster ... woo hoo! Most importantly, the opportunity to help provide respect and hope to those with a hearing impairment. – Barb (House Party Hostess/ Gala Silent Auction, Ballroom Spotter)

Friday night at the house party I was able to open the door for Kevin Costner.  I was also able to be his bodyguard for about 15 minutes so that no one could come in and out of the door.  The same night I was able to shake hands with Scott Carpenter (former NASA astronaut).  – Steph (House Party Hostess, Gala Setup, Gala Silent Auction, Winner Notification, Hearing Angel)

I am extremely grateful that my participation in Delta Zeta has allowed me to work with some exceptional people with the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  I take pride in my leadership role both with our DZ group as well as with the job of Winner Notification (passing the message onto guests discreetly in the ballroom that they have won a silent auction item).  It’s fun to hear how valued the Delta Zeta’s are to the Gala and I am honored to serve.  Sure, it’s fun to see Celebrities in the hallways or between shifts during the Gala, but the highlight for me is hearing that total amount of money raised at the end of the night.  This year, I was most proud of  the $90,000 raised from the Hearing Angel Chips... all those stickers, tags, and velour bags were sooo worth it!! – Holly (Delta Zeta Lead/Winner Notification Lead)


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