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Starkey Gala Hearing Angel Chip Project

Delta Zetas gathered at Starkey Labs in Eden Prairie to put stickers on both sides of poker chips that will be used for the hearing angel portion of the gala fundraiser. About 15 of us worked for over 10 hours to stuff almost 1400 little bags with 7 chips each. I guess it's better than 2000 Gala gift bags! (ha ha). Thank you to all who volunteered their time!!

Panhellenic mixer

DAKGiP - formerly known as quad mixer. Great event with these plus 4 others that snuck out before the picture. 5 sororities represented. (which is why we had to change the name)

DZ Dump 2011

Over $300 so far! That's one scholarship paid for. Nice work! Thanks to volunteers and item donators!

DZ Dump garage sale

Pricing is done and we're ready for business on Saturday. We'll take items on saturday too if you didn't get there tonight. The East Lake Calhoun Neighborhood sale has over 50 sales. Hope to see you shopping!  email for the address.