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We hope you have been keeping up with us on our  Facebook group , it's been a busy few months with brewery tours, bowling for the Gamma Scholarship and other great events. Check out this recap of some of our favorites! Summer has flown by, seems like we were just kicking off the warm weather with our annual Spring Brunch. For the second year in a row, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Wildfire in Eden Prairie. Our raffle for the Gamma Scholarship had some awesome prizes including a wine basket and arrangements of succulents. It was a beautiful event celebrating sisterhood. We got to work setting up our annual DZ Dump to raise funds for the Gamma Scholarship. It was a warm one this year, but well worth it as over $600 was raised from this event alone! Thanks to all our members for their donations. June is a busy month with one of our all-time favorite events, Salad Supper! Everyone brought a dish to share, including some delicious cupcakes! We had a gorgeous summer even